Vacuum Plant – MGV

Horizontal and Vertical Alternatives

  • Meeting the aspiration needs of hospitals in critical areas such as operating room, intensive care, emergency room and laboratory.
  • Compact and modular design
  • PLC controlled – enabling the vacuum pumps in the vacuum plant to work in harmony
  • With bacteria filter that traps bacteria up to 30 μm in size
  • Air cooled, oil type vacuum pump
  • They are products with a sliding shelf system that provides ease of transportation and maintenance and with horizontal system alternatives suitable for residential areas.
  • VAC Plus Oil Free Type Central Vacuum Plants
  • Designed to provide the vacuum needed by hospitals and laboratories
  • Power plants consisting of high-tech, hook-type, oil-free pumps
  • Bunk bed type TRIBLEX system with 3 pumps
  • PLC controlled fully automatic operation
  • Constant Vacuum System that ensures the vacuum level in the line remains stable
  • Integrated network alarm system
  • Vibration-absorbing connection
  • Integrated dual bacterial filtration
  • Conforms to NF EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM BS standards


With Electrical Control Panel for System Control

• PLC control unit that displays vacuum values ​​and automatically controls the vacuum pumps according to the set value

Vacuum Tank

• In order to prevent continuous operation of vacuum pumps,

• Different collection capacity options

• It can be positioned horizontally or vertically in accordance with the user’s request.

• They are products made of steel material.

Bacteria Filter Group

• With 100m3/h flow capacity bacteria trap filter.

• With by-pass valves and general discharge systems,

• They are products with the ability to hold bacteria of 30 μm in size.

Vacuum Safety Jar

• Preventing the escape of aspiration material into the system.

• 1.5 liter capacity, with inlet-outlet valve

• They are systems with high protection.

Oil Type Vacuum Pump

• Specially produced for medical applications,

• They are air cooled oil type vacuum pumps.

Oil Free Type Vacuum Pump

• High-tech, hook-type, oil-free pumps

• Friction-free, maintenance-free design

• Compatible with control boards

• Integrated network alarm

• Conforms to NF EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM BS standards