Ceiling Type ICU Pendant System with Monitor Holder 2115.70


  • The body is made of MDF laminate, moving arm aluminum profile, accessory tray made of 25×10 mm stainless steel, hood made of plastic
  • Monitor with shelf
  • Manually rotable around its own axis
  • Arm design for hanging accessories
  • In accordance international standards of medical gas electrical outlets according to user request
  • Products with ground nodes

Standard Accessories

  • Power Outlet:8 Pcs UK,USA,Europe
  • Grounding Note: 4 Pcs
  • Accesory Rail: 25×10 mm stainless steel

Optional Accessories

  • Nurse Call System Socket,
  • Monitor Tray,
  • Data Socket (RJ45),
  • Manometer for medical gases,
  • Medical Gas Outlets(BS, DIN, NF),
  • IV Pole,
  • Monitor Shelf with Drawer,
  • Examination Lamp