OPM-270 Ophtalmologic Head Support

OPM-270 is designed for use in neurology and ophthalmology surgery

Technical Information
• It is used in many departments, especially in ear, nose and throat surgeries.
• Head support material made of polyurethane.
• The product body’s made of 304 quality stainless steel.
• It is an ergonomic design.
• Consists of two parts: Head Section and Hand Support Section
• Hand Support Section is ergonomic accessory for surgeon’s hand positioning during operation
• It can also be used as a support for the patient depending on the type of operation
• Rotatable 360° head section
• Anti-Corrosion Coating: Yes
• Number of Joints: 3
• Ofhthalmologic Hand Support Position Movement: Right-Left and Up-Down
• Accessory Connection Adapter: Yes