Operation Medical Light CL-6D

Rüştü Üzümcü LED operating lights are designed to meet all lighting and imaging needs in the operating room. Thanks to the high-capacity LED modules and high-tech camera system used, it is ensured that the doctor has maximum vision in the surgical field. LED lamps can be applied to all types of operating rooms, including new generation hybrid operating rooms, with different model alternatives and application combinations.



Alternative Control Panels

• 4.3” LCD touch panel display control panel alternatives are available for each lamp head

LED Technology and Header Design

• Advanced LED technology that meets the lighting needs of all kinds of surgical procedures
• Maximum light level reached with a single button
• LED bulb design with a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours and the ability to change one by one in case of failure
• Head design with low aerodynamic resistance that helps to maintain the laminar flow surrounding the work area

Sensor Technology and Endoscopy Mode

• Sensor technology that allows the relevant LED sections to turn off automatically in case of light obstruction and prevents shadow formation in the lighting area
• Sustainable functionality in endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures thanks to the endolight function that can be accessed with a single button
• Adjustable color temperature in the range of 3500-5000K
• Color touch LCD control panel where all functions are controlled

Focus Feature

• Advanced technology that can automatically focus by measuring the distance between the head-incision area with the sensors on the lamp
• Manual focus adjustment via handle or control panel

Technical Data Sheet

Technicial Specifications Main Title (x1)
Lighting Head : Ø650 mm
Light Power, 1 m : 160.000 Lux
Color Temperature : 3500-5000 K
Color Discrimination Index, CRI : 96%
Light Intensity Adjustment : % 10 – 100
Adjustable Focus Diameter : 120 – 300 mm
Temperature Increase in the Surgical Area : < 0,5°C
Number of LED Modules : 68
LED Life : 50.000 hour
IP Protection Class : IP 54