Led Inspection Lamp DL-400L

Rüştü Üzümcü LED operating lights are designed to meet all lighting and imaging needs in the operating room. Thanks to the high-capacity LED modules and high-tech camera system used, it is ensured that the doctor has maximum vision in the surgical field. LED lamps can be applied to all types of operating rooms, including new generation hybrid operating rooms, with different model alternatives and application combinations.


LED Technology

• Advanced LED technology that meets the lighting needs required by all kinds of inspection and intervention processes
• Well-focused lighting with LED bulbs connected with a specially developed reflector
• Maintenance-free technology throughout the life of the bulb

Body Structure and Header Design

• Head positioned in the desired area with its spiral body structure and 360-degree rotation feature
• Modern and stylish design

Cleaning and Disinfection

• Flat and smooth surfaces that are not affected by cleaning and disinfection solutions

Custom Solutions

• Customized solution with mobile and rail type options

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Specifications
CRI : 95%
Lighting Head : Ø100 mm Color Temperature : 6500 K
Led Life : 50,000 hours Input Voltage : 220-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Light Power : 30.000 Lux / 0.4 m Number of LEDs : 6