Bridge Type ICU Pendant System 6040.30


  • Flange and aluminum profiles with hanging bracket
  • 2800 mm can be positioned by sliding along the rail in the desired area, ability for rotate around it axis table suspention system
  • Increase functional use of the material placed on the possibility, powder coated steel, two drawers, three shelves 50 kg carrying capacity
  • Suitable hanging for intravenous theraphy equipment arm design
  • IV Pole
  • In accordance with international standards of medical gas and electrical outlet according to user request

Standard Accessories

  • Electrical Socket:6 Pcs UK,USA,Europe
  • IV Pole:1 Pc
  • Drawers:2 Pcs
  • Equipment Shelf:3 Pcs

Optional Accessories

  • Medical Gas Outlets (BS,DIN,NF),
  • Data Outlet (RJ45),
  • Manometer for Medical Gases