70715 IV Stand with Accesory Basket

Cyber Force brand IV Stand with Accessory Basket, stainless steel body, four plastic/ stainless steel IV hooks, five-wheeled plastic/ aluminum feet, adjustable height and balanced to carry an infusion pump. With these features, it can be used in hospitals,  polyclinics, examination and intervention rooms, etc. It is used with high efficiency in health institutions.


• Made of stainless steel
• IV Stand has a body structure that can easily carry infusion devices
• Ergonomic pushing arm for easy transfer
• Accessories basket for storing liquid theraphy equipment like serum set, branule
• Infusion devices mountable body structure
• Aluminium base with 5 castors increasing balance
• Hook height can be adjusted between 1200-2100 mm
• Infusion Carrier Type : Movable
• Number of Castor :5 Pcs
• Number of Braked Castor :2 Pcs
• Number of Hook  :4 Pcs