55-0101 UZMED Surgical Aspirator

Uzmed series surgical aspirator devices are life support devices that rapidly remove the blood accumulated in the surgical area in the operating room and the secretions accumulated in the respiratory tract by creating a vacuum at a certain flow rate, increasing the visibility of the surgical environment and ensuring the continuity of respiratory function.


General and Control Panel Features

• 60 l/min air flow, adjustable vacuum power in the range of 680 mmHg, rapid aspiration opportunity and increased surgical area visibility
• Vacuum meter to make vacuum settings and monitor the adjusted vacuum level with an easily accessible control panel
• Maintenance-free, silent, vibration-free, oil-free vacuum pump

Engine Protection System

• Protective technology that prevents overflow and the passage of liquid into the pump system with the float and hydrophobic filter integrated into the device

Jar Features

• Sterile, 3-5 liter glass, plastic and disposable collection jar options with a scaled, integrated carrying handle that provides ease of transfer to the cleaning process area

Disposable Jar

• Opportunity to use with optional disposable jar set assembly

Sterile Use

• Sterile probe container that keeps the aspiration cannula in disinfectant solution until the moment of use.

Body Design

• Impact resistant, cleanable aluminum body design suitable for hospital cleaning and disinfection procedures

Ergonomic Design

• Ergonomic design that provides ease of transport and movement
• Easy transfer with four wheels, two of which are braked.
• A sound level of 55 decibels, in line with international standards, contributing to the comfort of the surgical team


Models Order Code
UZMED, with 2×3 l Plastic Jar 55-0101
UZMED, with 2×5 l Plastic Jar 55-0103
UZMED 2X3 L Canister 100 Set Bag 55-0113
UZMED 2X2 L Canister 100 Set Bag 55-0115