34302-34303 Medicine Trolley

The Medicine Trolley is designed to increase the efficiency of healthcare personnel such as doctors and nurses during patient care and intervention, ensuring that medical supplies are kept together in an orderly manner. It is very important for correct and  timely intervention that medical supplies are not confused during patient care, treatment and intervention. Our product offers health
personnel the chance to intervene quickly and effectively

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• Full stainless steel main frame and compact& laminated drawers
• Stainless steel waste bin
• Central locking system and 50 plastic locks
• 5 drawers(34302) and 6 drawers(34303) models
• All drawers has integrated plastic seperators & baskests in drawers
• Transparent, integrated medicine boxes for easy reach and detection of medicine
• Multi-functional, multi dimensional drawers
• Seperator placed in the drawer prevents mix of medicines and presents them in a certain order
• Accessory rails enabling safe positioning of equipment like IV stand, examination lamp used in medicine
• Safe and ergonomic table top made of antibacterial and stainless steel material
• Materials of Body : 304 Quality Stainless Steel
• Materials of Drawer : Compact Laminate
• Number of Drawer : 34302- 5 pcs, 34303-6 pcs
• Push Arm : Yes
• Number of Accessory Rail : 2 pcs
• Number of Waste Bin : 1 pcs
• Specification of Castor : 4 castor, two of them brake(Ø125mm)
• Dimensions(W x L x H)
• 34302- 910x645x1010 mm
• 34303- 910x645x1010 mm