34202- Dressing Trolley with 2 Drawers

304 quality stainless steel main body, compact laminate drawers
Comfortable movement with ergonomic push handle
Stainless steel dustbin
Transparent medicine box with 2 drawers and a single row of five
Dimensions: 560x980x1000 mm



Accessory Positioning and Top Table Feature

• Accessory rail that enables safe positioning of equipment such as IV pole and examination lamp used in preparation for drug administration.

• Safe, ergonomic worktop made of bacteria-free, stain-proof material

Drawer Features

• Drawers with different depths to meet all kinds of needs

• A separator placed in the drawer, which ensures that the drugs do not mix and are presented in a certain order


• Push handle made of anodized aluminum, which covers the ergonomically-used side body in full width, integrated to the trolley

• Anti-static wheels with high mobility and impact buffer, two with brakes

Medicine Box Features

• Transparent medicine box integrated in a single row on the trolley, with the ability to see the medicines inside and easy to take.