34202-Dressing Trolley Two Drawers

Cyber Force brand Dressing Trolleys, medicine, dressing material, etc. They are products designed and used in accordance with the purpose of transport. Dressing Trolleys are used with high efficiency in accordance with the purpose of transporting drugs and dressing materials in emergency services, nurses’ benches, dressing rooms, operating rooms and intensive care rooms.


• Full stainless steel main frame
• Compact laminated drawers
• Stainless steel waste bin
• Two drawers, one row of transparent five medicine boxes
• Materials of Body: 304 Quality Stainless Steel
• Materials of Drawer: Compact Laminate
• Number of Drawer: 2 Pcs
• Push Arm: Yes
• Number of Translucent Medicine Box:Quintet
• Number of Accessory Rail:2 Pcs
• Number of Waste Bin: 1 Pcs
• Dimension of Drawers: Drawer 1:400x600x45mm, Drawer 2:400x600x100 mm
• Specifications of Foot: 4 castor, two of them brake(Ø125mm)
• Dimensions(W x L x H): 640x900x1025 mm