34102 / 34103 Emergency Trolley

All 304 quality stainless steel main body, compact laminate drawers, produced by considering user needs in emergency and intensive care areas, functionally positioning all treatment equipment that may be needed during emergency interventions.

Defibrillator stand with routing feature integrated on the worktop

Oxygen tube carrier, IV pole, stainless steel dustbin and CPR tray integrated into the trolley

Central locking system and 50 plastic locks

Dimensions (W x W x H) : 560x1060x1250mm (including accessories)


Accessory Positioning

• Accessory rails that enable safe positioning of equipment such as serum hangers and examination lamps used in preparation for drug preparation

• Two-belt oxygen cylinder carrier and 3-liter aluminum oxygen cylinder integrated to the trolley

• Steerable defibrillator stand integrated on the body

• Easily accessible CPR tray in emergency applications


• The central locking system and disposable plastic lock set that ensures the locking of all drawers where equipment and narcotics are safely stored, integrated on the trolley


• Push handle made of anodized aluminum, which covers the ergonomically-used side body in full width, integrated into the device

• Anti-static wheels with high mobility, impact buffer, two with brakes


• Impact and corrosion resistant, easy to clean stainless steel production, rounded edge turns

• 5 or 6 drawers of different depths to meet all kinds of needs

• A separator placed in the drawer, which ensures that the drugs do not mix and are presented in a certain order

• Rail system with silent and self-closing feature that can be used for many years without any problems.