Cyber Force brand Doctor Hand Washing Unit with Double Sink is designed for physicians to clean their hands and nails by
controlling the water and soap flow without touching their hands to the unit before entering the sterile area (operating room
etc.), they are units that work with knee or infraded sensors.
Water flow and soap flow are electrical systems that can be controlled by knee or photocell, and the water temperature can be adjusted.
Doctor Hand Washing Unit with Double Sink, hospitals, polyclinics, operating rooms etc. It is used in health institutions with high efficiency in accordance with its purpose


• Made of 304 quality stainless steel designed to be used by the surgery team for hand nail cleaning before entering the sterilize zone
• Photocell display screen that shows the tempature and duration of water alternately from each faucet
• Specially designed with round concave corners, easy to clean and antibacterial material considering the areas of use & user’s requests and to be compatible with international hygienic norms
• Photocell and knee controlled water flow and knee controlled soap flow at each station
• Thermostatic mixing valve for cold and hot water
• Touch free control lets the users keep their hand antisepsis in usage
• Made from high quality and durable material
• Deep and inclined sink designprevents splashing and getting wet during usage
• LCD screen displays water temperature and washing time counter
• Dimensions(W x L x H): 700x1600x1260mm