Cyber Force brand Doctor Hand Washing Units are units designed for physicians to clean their hands and nails by controlling the flow of soap and water before entering the sterile area (operating room, etc.) without touching their hands to the unit.
In handwashing units, there is a main 304 quality stainless steel and a handwashing section made of acrylic material as an alternative to stainless steel.
Acrylic, consisting of natural minerals, containing 100% acrylic resin; It is a massive, homogeneous, practical and durable surface material. In addition to being durable, it creates hygienic environments and is an anti-bacterial material.
They are electrical systems whose water flow is controlled by photocell and whose water temperature can be adjusted.
Doctor’s Hand Washing Unit is used in hospitals, polyclinics, operating rooms, etc. It is used in health institutions with high efficiency in accordance with its purpose.


• Anti-bacterial acrylic washing bowl and stainless steel grade 304 main hygiene of surgical team prior to operation
• Photocell display screen for monitoring alternately the temperature and duration of the water flowing from each battery
• Design according to international hygienic norms considering intendeduse and user requirements
• Thermostatic valve to adjust water temperature according to user request
• Photocell / manually controlled water flow options
• Dimensions(W x L x H): 700x1500x660mm