Our Founder



Our company started its activities in Ankara in 1969 by our father, the late Mahmut Üzümcü, with the repair of medical devices and the production of medical hand tools and continued its activities as the first and only company in its sector in our country for a long time.

In his successful business life of 71 years, Mahmut Üzümcü had many firsts in Turkey and achieved the design and manufacture of the first domestic medical aspirator device. Medical gas sys-tems and equipment production started in our company in 1975; It has successfully delivered medical gas installation projects in important health institutions and organizations such as Ankara University Ibn-i Sina Hospital and Numune Hospital.

Mr. Mahmut Üzümcü’s signature on the firsts in the sector conti-nued over the years and the first domestic Cryo Therapy Device in Turkey was designed and manufactured by our company in 1985. In 1974, together with late Surgeon Kemal Beyazit who is known as “The king of the heart” performed the first heart transplant in Turkey, they designed the first domesticly made artificial heart pump which was able to keep a sheep alive for a certain of time. In this project Mr.Uzumcu was with the team of doctors who broke grounds in cardiac surgery in Turkey.

The first operating table of which design and manufacturation were made by Mahmut Üzümcü and his son and our Chairman of the Board of Directors Rüştü Üzümcü with “Certificate of Confor-mity to Turkish Standards” was manufactured.

In the early 2000s, the cornea transplantation was developed by the faculty members of the Department of Eye Diseases of Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Kamil Bilgihan, Prof. Dr. Berati Hasanreisoglu, Assoc. Dr. Sengul Ozdek, and Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayça Sarı, who were closely following the developments in science and technology, and it entered the literature as “The Gazi Techni-que“. The design and manufacturation of the medical devices for the corneal transplant surgery (with Gazi Technique) performed by Prof. Dr. Kamil Bilgihan were made by Mr. Mahmut Üzümcü and Mr. Rüştü Üzümcü. The letter of thanks Prof. Dr. Kamil Bilgihan sent to Mr. Mahmut Üzümcü for his support for the operation was reflected in the written and visual media.

After our late founder, Mahmut Üzümcü opened the door to secto-ral developments by instilling the most important and most nee-ded slogan “National and Domestic Product” years ago, the im-portance of this slogan has not been overlooked in with nearly 400 products, manufactured by our company today. The priority of Mahmut Üzümcü, who had great efforts for the achievement of Üzümcü Medical Equipment Metal-Working Industry Inc., in his 71 years of success in business life, was always “Printing the name of our country in the world medical and healthcare industry in gold letters with the products produced” .

Mr. Mahmut Üzümcü, may he rest in peace, departed from this world on Sept. 20th 2017 but his legacy keeps moving forward and we promise to take it even further every day.